Take a wander around the site, maybe have a sneak peak at the insta account. If you are feeling like we could be a good match, there is no swiping necessary, simply email me via the contact page and fill me in with all the cutesy details of your fam bam or baby bump. 


Congratulations we are a match! We have progressed to the next step! We now can set a date to solidify your profesh family photos with more heart and soul than awkward posing. In the event of sounding a little corny, I will confess I love a little awkward posing, because those images closely follow with belly laughs and that makes for the most genuine imagery.  


Location location! Yes yes yes! Now this is what makes all the difference. Are you preparing for an adventure or are we keeping it close to home? I have a list of epic locations and I won't lie.... they may include a little driving. 


Fashun baby! Don't be nervous you are going to look divine! I have a whole pinterest board full of ideas on what to wear as a guide. The end game for you and your fam is to feel comfortable, but stylish. Don't be shy to email me a photo of the outfit choices, I love being involved in the fashun. 


Good job team! High fives to everyone involved in the planning process. All there is to do now is enjoy your shoot. Throw your nerves out the window, no need for them! I'm friendly, awkward and calm. Now we have everything organised I will send you an email with my approach to our session to help calm your nerves and make you feel at ease with me at the helm. 

Let's make some memories!

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