'I'm here to document the moments of chaos, calmness and craziness'



Documenting Your Family


Children grow up so fast and you really can't document their beautiful little faces enough. Every parent talks about how they reach the milestones of life so fast and your tiny bubs will suddenly be eating solids and playing three blind mice on the recorder in the blink of an eye. 

Photoshoots are a wonderful way to document and remember a moment in time that was fleeting and precious. As your children grow, friends and family will appreciate looking back on these special times.

The one-hour photoshoot will be exciting and playful allowing natural and authentic images to be captured. The result will be a modern and gorgeous collection of 40 curated images that you can share with friends and family and enjoy for a lifetime. 

All images will be edited and delivered online in a password-protected gallery. From there you can order prints and other products as much as you wish. With this gift, you can create more gifts. It's the gift that keeps on giving!



JUST US     $440.00


  • 60 minute family candid & natural session 
  • Outdoor on sunset or sunrise
  • Clothing & Location advice 
  • 40 curated edited images
  • Images delivered via digital gallery
  • ADD ON - Extended family members  +$150.00
  • ADD ON - Additional 40 edited images  +$80.00

The one-hour Family photoshoot is designed to capture natural and authentic images of the family together. During the session, I will guide you into different positions, ask you to cuddle into one another and arrange you all where the light is the best.  I ask you to play with the children, engage with them, laugh and cuddle. Allowing me to capture genuine moments of happiness. 

The result will be authentic resulting in a gorgeous collection of 40 curated photos that you can share with friends and family and enjoy for a lifetime.

Outdoor sessions take place during golden hour, this is the very best time just after sunrise or just before sunset - where the light is beautiful, flattering, soft and magical.  All depending if you are an early riser or would rather later in the evening. The time of sunset and sunrise changes quite a lot depending on the season, and in summer, this can make the start times either really early in the morning or much later in the evening. If you have really little kids I totally understand how off-putting that sounds! I HATE the idea of messing with your kid’s sleep – but I can promise you, for this one day, it is totally worth the small disruption and will make your photos extra special! 


ADD ON - Extended families + $150.00 (each family)

Inviting your parents is such a meaningful way to create gorgeous images for the whole family to enjoy. Or make it a family affair and invite your sibling's tribe also. 

ADD ON - Additional 40 edited images + $80.00

If 40 images don't seem like enough, add on an additional 40 edited images to your package. Making it double the happy moments! 80 stunning images right to inbox ready to share with friends and family! 

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